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We have the best bariatric surgeon in Tijuana for your weight control. Yes! We’ll also help with your medical tourism needs.

Lose weight fast

Allow us to manage your journey to freedom, introducing Dr. Mario Camelo, who has stood out as one of the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, from your arrival to your stay and departure.

Specialized clinic with sea view

Throughout our history we’ve had the best weight loss surgery clinic in Tijuana, with the most capable doctor, who has dedicated his life and career to help people like you lose weight fast and safe, according to your needs and budget.

Our clinic meets international standards to perform a gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery.

Medical Tourism in Tijuana

Together, we will turn this difficult moment into a pleasant stay for you and your family, with the seriousness and kindness you deserve. We will guide you to two of the most appropriate hotels for your speedy recovery from the bariatric surgery revisions, as well as to different touristic areas.

If you have an obesity problem, come with us, don’t let time go by or it could be too late.

Focus on getting your life back

You will never be alone, BARIATRICS MX will be by your side all along the process, always a phone call away.

We will help you choose the best specialist according to your needs, so that you will be certain that your stay in the city will have all the attention and care your doctor requires.

Why have the surgery in Tijuana?

Recognized doctor

Dr. Mario Camelo has a wide expertise in gastric band surgery and laparoscopic techniques: non-invasive surgeries with lower complication risks and high aesthetic results.


Our Oasis of Hope clinic is just a minutes away from the US, with high quality, hygiene, and top-level certification standards. Whether it is a lap band or a gastric sleeve in Tijuana, our weight loss clinic is your best option.

Attention in you language

Medical Tourism in México: Weight loss clinics in Tijuana México, the doctors and nurses speak your language, understand your culture and worries; this is why they will make you feel at home.

Leave behind that life of pain and rejection, become an emotionally and physically active person.

When you have tried everything, when obesity has defeated you and made you prisoner of your own body, fight back, we’ll make sure you are in the best of hands.