How to lose weight: 3 bariatric surgeries to achieve it

7 months ago

How to lose weight: 3 bariatric surgeries to achieve it 1

How to lose weight: 3 bariatric surgeries to achieve it

Unfortunately, the number of people in the world who are overweight or some degree of obesity only increases year by year. And the word “unfortunate” is used, because the more pounds we have in our bodies, the more likely we are to end up suffering from diseases that are not only expensive and even incapacitating, but also deadly.

Hence, the expression “how to lose weight” is one of the most sought after on the internet in various parts of the world, especially in those where the rates of obesity in adults or children are alarming, region in which countries such as the United States and Mexico have been listed for a few years now.

In that sense, one of the techniques that evolve constantly helping to lose weight to thousands of people is bariatric surgery. Currently there are several bariatric surgeries that have survived more than 10 years, considered effective, that is, they have shown good results in the short, medium and long term, avoid complications of obesity and, in addition, present fewer complications.How to lose weight: 3 bariatric surgeries to achieve it 2

The most popular is perhaps the Gastric Bypass, so this time we will focus on talking about other options and how they compare with the aforementioned:

Gastric Band: the great advantage of this surgery is that it presents fewer serious complications in relation to others such as gastric bypass, although in return it generates some discomfort and great discomfort. Regarding weight loss, on average it is less than the Gastric Bypass, although it should be noted that the results differ between each patient.

Gastric Sleeve: the loss of weight is similar to that of the one who undergoes the Gastric Bypass, while the risk of serious complications is lower. However, it should be noted that in people with greater obesity the best result is with Gastric Bypass.

Duodenal Switch: perhaps one of the least known surgeries, it is the one that results in greater weight loss compared to gastric bypass, but in return the risk of serious complications is also much higher. In this regard, the biggest problem is the possibility of malabsorption of nutrients, bordering the patient to consume vitamins for the rest of his life in order to compensate this situation, forcing in turn to maintain a strict care of nutrition for the rest of his life.

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