Best Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana: Dr. Mario Camelo | Bariatrics MX

If you are looking for the best bariatric surgeon in Tijuana, the name that will outstand is the one of surgeon Mario Camelo, specialist in laparoscopy and the digestive system.

Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos

Dr. Mario Camelo Ramos is a surgeon that practices its profession as a bariatric surgeon in Tijuana. He started his career as pupil of Dr. López Corvala, one of the 10 best bariatric surgeons in the world.

He has specialized in bariatric procedures of weight loss such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and all types of digestive system surgeries with laparoscopic techniques.

Ability and experience

Since 2011, he started practicing laparoscopy and is now one of the best surgeons in the country, with more than one thousand surgeries and counting.

With a kind and warm attention to his patients and a strong sense of responsibility, he has earned the confidence of his patients and family.

Rest assure you’re in the best of hands.

 Trust Dr. Mario Camelo & the Bariatrics Mx team, together we’ll make your stay a calm and secure one.

Oasis of Hope Hospital

The Oasis of Hope Hospital is one of the most respectable private clinics in the city, with more than 60 years treating patients in Mexico, United States and the world, just a few feet away from the beach and the US-Mexico border.

Located in Playas de Tijuana, one of the most peaceful areas of the city where the average temperature is 68°F, you will be taken care of during your stay in the top-level facilities, certifications and by the best personnel.

Being overweight is a terrible disease that must be treated.

This crisis has created a whole generation of doctors highly specialized in bariatric weight loss surgeries to treat this ailment. Dr. Mario Camelo has stood out among them.


Know your BMI, select your measurement system, put your data and you’re done.

It’s important to know your Body Mass Index (BMI) to see if you qualify for bariatric surgery.

Your BMI score is:
Note: If your BMI score is 30 or higher you are surgery approved.