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We will facilitate everything that is necessary so that you can have a gastric banding surgery in Tijuana, with the best bariatric surgeon in our clinic with cutting-edge technology.


Gastric banding or lap band

This procedure consists in putting a band around the stomach to make you feel full faster. It is equipped with a subdermal port that regulates the size of the band according to your progress.

Benefits of gastric banding

No visible scars

Dr. Mario Camelo is one of the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana certified in laparoscopy. When the operation is made with this technique, the aesthetic result is more than satisfactory.

The safest option

It is the less invasive bariatric surgery, as well as adjustable and potentially reversible. The lap bands in Tijuana are from the same distributors as in the US.

You will become more disciplined

Constant appointments with a nutrition specialist will help you maintain an appropriate diet in the short and long term.

Lap Band $5,000

Normal cost $5,600

Dr. Mario Camelo Fee
Anesthesiologist Fee
Hospital Fee
1 Hour Surgery
1 Night Hotel
1 Night in Hospital

Blood Work/Testing
Physical Evaluation
Ground Transportation
Post-op Follow Up Calls
Pain Medicine & Antibiotics
Sightseeing in Town

FAQs about the gastric banding surgery in Tijuana

All surgeries, including the aesthetic ones, are serious procedures that have benefits as well as risks that should be pondered and consulted with a specialist. Only your doctor and you will decide what is your best route based on your medical history, condition and age. We are here to help.

If you have a Body Mass Index (BMC) above 30, you are a candidate. The surgery is an urgent medical need. However, if you have obesity and have seriously tried all conventional methods to lose weight; if you feel your physical and mental health are compromised because of it, you can be a candidate for the single-incision weight loss surgery, you just have to talk it out with our specialist.

The average is three days. It may change depending on each person. You can talk with our doctor if you wish to stay more time in assessment before or after the surgery.

The average time for someone to go back to work is from one to two weeks, depending on the person and the kind of work they do.

Having a lap band or gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana is as safe as doing it in the US because they are regulated by the same international quality standards. Whether you only need nutritional counseling or a major surgery as gastric sleeve, Tijuana weight loss is an opportunity for Medical Tourism in your own language, in the best clinic and with the best specialist.

Know your BMI, select your measurement system, put your data and you’re done.

It’s important to know your Body Mass Index (BMI) to see if you qualify for bariatric surgery.

Your BMI score is:
Note: If your BMI score is 30 or higher you are surgery approved.