Single Incision Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana: Bariatrics MX

The single incision gastric sleeve in Tijuana with no visible scars is a minimally invasive technique that helps to reduce post-operative risks and complications.

Single Incision Gastric Sleeve

The Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) is a technique with which the bariatric surgery is made with a single cut in the navel.

With this surgical technique you can have your gastric banding, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass or bariatric revision surgery, with no visible scars and within a short recovery, reducing or eliminating any possible complication.

SILS Technique

Despite all its benefits, and even though Tijuana has good Bariatric surgeons, very few are qualified to perform this complex surgical technique. Dr. Mario Camelo is not only qualified, he also has a wide experience in the SILS technique.

Gastric sleeve with or without scars?

The scars of laparoscopy are many times described as scratches and are extremely small and easy to hide (measuring one to two inches.) When single incision laparoscopy is performed through the navel, there are no visible scars. Each procedure has its advantages over another, and only your doctor can assess your case depending on your background. Do not hesitate to come to us.

Benefits of the single incision gastric sleeve:

Surgery with No Scars

It is a procedure made through one of the natural orifices of the body, usually the navel, which offers a result with no visible scars.

Less Invasive Technique

When speaking about surgeries to people with morbid obesity, we explain that they have to be performed with precision and attentiveness, looking for minimally invasive techniques, especially when the patient has diabetes, a disease that can compromise the recovery of a non-laparoscopic surgery.

Medical Benefit

We look beyond aesthetic results in a bariatric surgery. The goal is to improve the patient’s life quality. By reducing the amount of incisions made, we reduce the risks of complications such as infections, hernias, hematomas, postoperative pain and accelerates the recovery time.

Single Incision $5,600

Normal cost $6,300

Dr. Mario Camelo Fee
Anesthesiologist Fee
Hospital Fee
2 Hours Surgery
3 Nights Hotel
2 Nights in Hospital

Blood Work/Testing
Physical Evaluation
Ground Transportation
Post-op Follow Up Calls
Pain Medicine & Antibiotics
Sightseeing in Town

Frequently Asked Questions of a Single Incision Gastric Sleeve

To be a candidate for this surgical technique, it is necessary to have a BMI less than 40 and no more than two surgeries in the abdominal area.

Dr. Mario Camelo is qualified to perform, with the SILS technique, bariatric surgeries such as gastric banding, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass, among others. In the same way, he is an expert in conventional laparoscopy (of four incisions).

Every surgery is a serious procedure that entails benefits and risks which should be pondered and consulted with a specialist; however, this technique has been developed especially to reduce these risks.

The average recovery time with this technique is two weeks, depending on each person and the activities to be performed.

Know your BMI, select your measurement system, put your data and you’re done.

It’s important to know your Body Mass Index (BMI) to see if you qualify for bariatric surgery.

Your BMI score is:
Note: If your BMI score is 30 or higher you are surgery approved.