Medical Tourism in Tijuana - Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Mario Camelo

If you want to do Medical Tourism in Tijuana, you should know we have the best clinic to lose weight with experienced, certified and safe specialists.


You don’t have to worry

We will always be by your side. We understand your situation, this is why we will provide anything you need for your stay, whether personally or having everything in place to accommodate your family. Transportation, hotel, hospital, etc., we are your travel partners; for you and your family.

BARIATRICS MX has the best work team to give you the attention you deserve. We will help you with our best available specialists for you.

We’ll help with your accommodation

Your comfort is the most important thing. We have agreements with the two best hotels where you can properly rest before and after bariatric surgery revisions, always considering your budget. Remember, Tijuana weight loss is a safe option.

This is the opportunity to get your life back.

We will stick to your budget

Call us to get to know the different options and packages that we can set for you. Your health has no price. We are ready to receive you but that does not mean ending your financial life.

You can have a gastric band surgery in Tijuana with the same providers as in the US. Whether with diet or a gastric sleeve surgery, we’re are your best option.

Our best clinic, located just a few feet away from the beach

Oasis of Hope is one of the most prestigious weight loss clinics in Tijuana México; it’s a seal of confidence and quality that Dr. Mario Camelo, bariatric and gastric band surgery specialist, carries with pride.

Cutting-edge technology, certified luxurious facilities and wallet-friendly costs, located in the most peaceful and comfortable part of the city.

About Tijuana:

The average temperature in Tijuana is 68 °F, sea level, ideal to help with your speedy recovery. Besides medical tourism, Tijuana has also beaches, all kinds of touristic places, interactive museums, cinemas with IMAX and 4DX screenings, constant fairs and exhibitions, as well as a varied gastronomy.

Service in your language

Forget about any cultural or language barrier. We speak English and Spanish to provide a better service. We are totally used to treat people from both sides of the border, and we will make you feel at home. Choose our bariatric surgeons in Tijuana. We will guarantee the best weight loss surgery clinic Tijuana.

You will gain more life

Overweight is not just an aesthetic concern, it is a serious disease that wearies your organs to a rapid pace. If you had a tumor, you would operate immediately before it expanded to your whole body; if you have obesity, why do you keep postponing it and let it expand throughout your body?!

Please agree to surgery options like gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana with our laparoscopic method.

Obesity is a pandemic disease that has affected both sides of the border.

This crisis has created a whole generation of doctors highly specialized in single-incision weight loss surgery to treat this ailment. Dr. Mario Camelo has stood out among them.


Know your BMI, select your measurement system, put your data and you’re done.

It’s important to know your Body Mass Index (BMI) to see if you qualify for bariatric surgery.

Your BMI score is:
Note: If your BMI score is 30 or higher you are surgery approved.