Medications to lose weight

7 months ago

Medications to lose weight 1

Medications to lose weight

Despite the fact that there are several weight loss medications of proven effectiveness in the market, it is important to know that before taking any of them it is necessary to consult with a trusted specialist the different options that exist to lose those extra kilos, beyond to resort to drugs.

Likewise, although there are medications which do help in this regard, the total weight loss that is reached at the end of the treatment is actually somewhat limited. Another consideration that has to be considered is the high probability of recovering the weight lost once it is stopped.

Specifically, those who take medication to lose weight can lose between 2 kgs and 4.5 kgs only. In fact, since each organism is different, not all patients lose weight while they are in treatment.Medications to lose weight 2

The key when resorting to this method is to make important changes in lifestyle, including the elimination of unhealthy foods from our diet, as well as the usual practice of exercise.

One must also be careful of the sea of ​​announcements that one can see today both on radio and television and of course the internet. Many of these promotional remedies and herbal supplements swear and perjure to help everyone lose weight. Unfortunately for those who decide to try them, most of them end up being scams for not fulfilling their promises. And that is not the worst of the case, as some may even end up producing serious side effects in those who ingest them.

About this type of medication, women should take special care. This warning is particularly with pregnant or lactating women in mind, because under no circumstances should they consume drugs in order to lose weight.

Another sector of the population that should be careful with these medications are those people with diabetes. Both women and men with this disease should consult their trusted doctor if they can or can not take a specific medication to help them lose weight

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