What is the difference between a nutritionist and a bariatrician?

7 months ago

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a bariatrician? 1

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a bariatrician?

It is very common as a patient, when you have a metabolic problem such as being overweight, not knowing what specialist to use, whether with a Nutritionist or a Bariatrician.

In order to clarify this situation and avoid confusion, is that this article has been created, to talk about the difference between nutritionist and bariatrician, which in fact are several, how you can see right away:

Academic level
What are the studies that a bariatrician has gone through? And a nutritionist? Beginning with the bariatrician, it is a doctor who has a specialty in Bariatry. What does this mean? First, he studied medicine and later graduated in Bariatrics.What is the difference between a nutritionist and a bariatrician? 2

With regard to nutritionists, to be able to practice as such, they first had to study their 4-year career to finish graduating as Bachelor of Nutrition. It should be pointed out that both the Bariatra and the Nutritionist are of great importance in medical practice, but as it is clarified in this article, they are not the same.

In the application
Today there is an official Mexican standard which states that the management of overweight and obesity must be addressed by a doctor. This indication responds to the fact that obesity is considered a disease, being specified in this norm the intervention of a Physician, a Nutritionist and even a Psychologist.

Likewise, it should be clarified that a Nutritionist does have the power to make food plans, provided they are supervised by a doctor, as this is how it is marked by law.

In practice
Both the Bariatra and the Nutritionist are important when talking about the treatment of obesity, but in the specific case of Bariatra, being a doctor, he is obliged to exhaustively review a patient, just as would happen with any other disease; a complete physical examination is carried out together with a detailed interrogation.
If the Bariatra identifies a health problem, it is necessary that the patient is given a series of laboratory studies, this in order to strengthen the initial diagnosis, this being the way to determine the most appropriate treatment.

Without more, we hope after reading “What is the difference between Nutriologist and Bariatra?”, It is clear that both are fundamental when presenting the treatment of obesity, as well as other diseases that are directly related to metabolism.

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